Where is your shop? Do you ship to my country?
Ciali in Kawaiiland is an online shop mainly based in Italy.
Yep, I ship everywhere!!

How many persons works in this project?
Just me, Ciali!

Where do you buy the decorations?
Every piece I use to decorate my cases or to make my jewelry is handmade by me in polymer clay, resin, paper and so on!
I do not use premade items because I like to make everything by myself.

Can you make me a custom item?
All my items are custom since they are made to order, this means you can request modify and extra adding! Just contact me if you want to send me a specific request!

Why are your cases so expensive?
My cases prices are the result of: the time I need to make the case, the price of the supplies and the taxes and bill I have to pay to support my project.

My whole life revolves around my work, which is my hobby and my passion. As former business owner of my little company I can't stop to work even when I'm off to vacations!

Make this work means: I have to be a designer, a crafter, a social media marketing, a photographer, a web designer and so on ^^

Do you sell wholesale? Do you want to collaborate for a project?
Sure! Contact me^^

I'm a blogger/instagrammer, could I get your item for free and review it?
I'm sorry but no.

I like to collaborate with bloggers, but I am the one who personally contact the bloggers to collaborate.

I totally don't care how many followers do you have, but I mainly take attention to: how you take pictures, what are your passions and your blog/instagram main topic.

I like your website! How can I make one for me too?
I can make a website for you! Contact me to talk about your contents and prices!


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