Can you believe? I made a case without any pink decorations!! ( ⸝⸝・໐・⸝⸝ ) it was hard even to take a properly picture of it, but I really like this combo (๑⃙⃘ˊ꒳​ˋ๑⃙⃘) #ハンドメイド #ゆめ可愛い #カワイイ #可愛い #メルヘン #フェイクスイーツ #スイーツデコ #粘土 #クレイ #デコ#メルヘン #フェイクスイーツ #スイーツデコ #粘土 #クレイ #デコ #雑貨 #飾り #ハート #キャンディ #プレゼント #ハンドメイドアクセー #ふわふわ #ケーキ #イタリア製 #手作り #ジュエリー #パステルなカラー #樹脂粘土 #kawaii #decodencase #decoden #love #pastelkei #kawaiiland #magicalsugar

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Posted on 05 Jun 2016

Posted on 09 May 2016

Posted on 05 May 2016

Posted on 04 May 2016

Hello lovelies 2
how are youuu? 16 Today I'm really happy, we are now 8000 cuties on the Kawaiiland facebook page, I'm very happy for this goal and you've no idea how much your support is important to me 7
Thank you very much and yoroshiku neee 9

Posted on 14 May 2014

Hello Yesterday I made these paper bags to wrap my jewelry and I wanted to show them to you

They remember to me the candies bag 

Posted on 12 Jul 2013

A lot of new items will wait you today on from 9pm (+1 gtm) 7 Don't miss them 19

Posted on 10 Jul 2013

Hello sweeties 2
Welcome back to :34:
Here we are with the new update 14 we've to bring a lot of pastel color in this first days of fall! :26:

How you can see the shop style is changed 3 the previews have a new pratical desing 6
Even the picture are changed! What do you think about them? :31:
I think it is more suitable and in line with the name of my brand, in fact, by these new photos is as if I brought you in my room, showing, in addition to jewelry, the big amount of cute stuff, wallets, handbags (etcetc) I collect! :35: 13

From today until 13 of september I'll accept commissions for decoden cover, then I'll stop myself doing until november because I'll work for the autumnal comic convention (Romics and Lucca Comics) :32:

The shop will remain open, and if I can, I will try to put something new in the time that I have between the conventions 2 follow me on facebook to stay up with my activity, since I write there at least once a day :24:

The latest news is the Japanese version of the site! 2 2
I worked sooo lazy in the last months with the support of my friend Marie and finally here it is now :31: I am very happy and I hope it will be a great help to realize my dream about Japan 7

See you soon and thank you to be here supporting me :27:

Posted on 03 Sep 2012

Hello sweeties 2

I am here today to inaugurate the 1 commissions page 1 and the better way to inaugurate it is showing my new creative passion: decoden 7

I started to do them a month ago after receiving the first request from my friend Twina and I had so much fun doing it, so I was happy when I received other requests and when I made some of them as gift for my friends 15

So, as I said, from today you can order them directly from the website and you can ask any type of decoration on the condition that it is in line with my style! 14

XoXo and see you soon 2

Posted on 11 Jun 2012

Hello! I'm here again with a litte news2
It's not a really news because it's about star comet necklace7 I putted on sale in the last update, but today I'm here to show you a new set 15
From today you'll find the star comet necklace in a pink and cute heart shaped box and they'll come with a pair of star comet stud earrings 8
What do you think about this news 4

XoXo and see you soon lovelies 6

Posted on 08 Jun 2012

Helloooo 2
I noticed that some girls had problems using the online shop, sadly the script is not well done 17 and I'm working to fix it5 but in the meantime I give you some tips to use it without any problem 8

Here are the most frequent problems and their solutions! 9 13 

3 You have to click several time to add item in the cart
SOLUTION : this problem happens only with Chrome!
The solutions are 2:
- Use a different browser to make purchase
- Check the cart during the purchase and eventually push the button "add" 2/3 times as long as the object does not appear! 

3 You can't add two or more items in your cart, you click several time on items you want to buy, but you see just one item
SOLUTION : this is a common problem especially if you visited the shop in the past, but sometimes it happens at the first visit!
In this case the solution is very easy, you must delete the cookies from your browser!
Here are the links with instructions:
- Google Chrome
- internet explorer
- Mozilla Firefox

If you still have problems contact me on facebook or by this page ! 7


Posted on 05 Jun 2012

Hello sweeties! Finally I updated the website with a lot of summer news 19
You will find a lot of necklace with cupcake, gelato and star comet, but you'll find rings and bracelets and finally the hair goods! Take a look in every section 6
See you soon with the summer news about Kawaiiland 2

Chuuuuuu 3

ps: if the cart doesn't work fine, please take a look on this page to fix it, probably you've to cancel the cookies!

Posted on 04 Jun 2012

Hello my sweeties 2
Thank you very much for your support in the past days, you are all so cute 3

Today I'm here to talk about the new update! It will be on monday June 04 at 9.30 pm (+1 gtm!) 15

There will be a lot of new perfect for your summer outfit, and this cute&silly gelato too!! 15
What do you think about? 8
See you soon chuuuu :23:

Posted on 29 May 2012

Hello girls 2 Finally I can say "Welcome on my new website" :20:
From today you can do your cute shopping in comfort on Kawaiiland using the new online shop7

But there is another surprise that I will share with you today6
Since May 21 will be my birthday and for me it'll be a very special day and since I also want to thank you for the support you have given me in these months, after the decision to leave the Cute Can Kill project, I decided to organize a big bargain! 3

As you can see from the banner on the top 15 the discount will be 30% off each jewel and you will find discounted prices only from now, May 18, untill May 22! 9
I hope that this initiative will please you as much as it amused me making it 2

Thank you and see you soon! 13
今日からもよろしくお願いします! 7

ps: Forgive me for my bad english 5

Posted on 18 May 2012

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